Since its invention in the year 1886, gasoline-powered vehicles never lose its luster to the masses due to the benefits it provides. Owning a car is also deemed as a symbol of a stable financial status that is why some people purchased it.

U.S. Car Statistics

In America, 90% of American households own at least one car based on the 2017 report of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The states with the greatest number of registered vehicles are California, Florida, and Texas which account for 28% of the nationwide statistics. This number is reasonable since these states comprise 27% of the total American population. Since these cities are the densest both in citizens and vehicles, they also never lose spots in the top cities that experience heavy traffics, especially during rush hours, and air pollution.

Benefits of Owning a Car

Despite these adverse effects, American households still chose to own a car for the following benefits.


According to the 2019 INRIX survey, the average time an American spends during commuting is 100 hours per year. If time is converted to money, Americans are losing billions of dollars each year. For this reason, most Americans prefer to own a car because it can be easily maneuvered and it will surely bring you to the meeting place at the right time. As the Founding Father of the United States Benjamin Franklin said, “time is gold.”

Quick Emergency Response

During an emergency, may it be health or crime related, driving a personal car is the easiest and fastest way to respond in preserving someone’s life.

Convenience: Efficiency, Privacy, and Safety

Cars provide great convenience through offering efficiency, privacy, and safety during short or long-distance travels. In this way, you got to own your time without depending on other people’s timetable like in subways.

Best for long-distance land travels and family outings

Personal cars are the best option for long-distance land travels, especially during family outings, because you get to enjoy the sceneries of different towns at the same time it provides an ample capacity for your luggage. It also provides comfort since you are in your safe space where you do not need to adjust to other people’s preferences like in trains or taxis. Cars allow you just to be yourself during travels.

Adverse Environmental Impact of Vehicles

Even if owning a car comes with a lot of benefits, it has its disadvantages, too, particularly its negative environmental impact. Among the states in America, California ranks the least healthy state due to its worst air quality which garnered a 12.6 score that is above the acceptable U.S. value of 8.3 based on the 2019 statistics of America’s Health Rankings United Health Foundation. According to IQ Air, this poor air quality of the state is caused primarily by vehicular emissions, high demand for fossil fuel-sourced energy production, and immense household energy consumption. The frequent occurrence of natural wildfires also worsens the case. As citizens, you can help the environment by buying used cars Fresno instead of purchasing a brand new one.