Movies To Watch When You Just Need A Freaking Laugh – you can stream on Aha

Movies To Watch When You Just Need A Freaking Laugh – you can stream on Aha

We are once again on the verge of lockdown, and nothing about this feels good. Working online and staying home has its advantage. But being at one place for so long and being able to go out can be vexing sometimes. The remedy to this torment time is to have a good laugh. What’s a better way to laugh and have a good time than to watch a movie with some comforting snack? One easy way to watch movies online or even download movies online is on the Aha app. Aha is a fantastic app providing Telugu movies and short series for minimal cost. You can download the app and online movies website. Then, you may stream anytime you want without much hassle. If you are thinking about what to watch, here are reviews of some comedy movies available on Aha OTT.

Android Kattapa

The name in itself gives us the feeling that the movie would be a true masterpiece. The movie ‘Android Kattapa’ is a family drama comic movie. The film starts with SoubinShahir cast in the role of Bhaskar. He is an old man living with his son and is not a very easy person to live with. His son Subramanian played by SurajVenjaramoodu, is a software engineer who takes a job in Russia. He left maids to take care of his father. But Bhaskar is a true fuddy-duddy. He does not trust these modern-day machines and technology and certainly has his principles. As a result, no maid stays for long. Subramanian then decides to give a robot to take care of his father. Now, it will be worth watching how Bhaskar manages to be or not to be with the robot.


A perfect setting if you are in the mood for a rom-com. Bujj is a normal rural boy. His parents confirmed his marriage without his will. As a result, he runs from his home, and for the same reason, the bride-to-be Krishnaven also runs from her house. Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, they meet each other. Krishnaven pretends to be Seenu, and both Bujj and Krishnaven fall in love. After knowing everything, Bujj comes back to town. Now the whole town despises him. It will be fun to see how he convinces the entire town and his family to accept his love. With complete twists and turns, the movie has good comic timing and will leave you in a light and fun mood.

Ra RaKrishnayya

The movie is about jolly taxi driver Kittu who works under Manikkyam. Kittu is happy with his decent and simple life until he is deceived by Manikkyam, who takes his savings. To get back to Manikkyam, he threatens to kidnap his daughter Nandeswari. Nandeswari is already upset with her father because he fixed her marriage without her consent. As a result, she happily gets kidnapped by Kittu. As soon as this happened, cute chemistry started between them. A plot twist occurs when Nandeswari again gets kidnapped by Jaggu. This mess gets funnier from this point, yet another mood lighting rom-com to enjoy with family.

So what are you waiting for?

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