Get The Right Bong For Your Weekend Party

Get The Right Bong For Your Weekend Party

Getting excited about choosing the right bong for the first time is obvious. Everything that is first has something to keep in our memories forever.  So, choosing the right bong for your weekend unwind is necessary. The best bongs near me have many spheres to choose from. This article will show us what to look out for before choosing the right bong for you.

Beginners Bong Type

Straight pipes, beaker bongs, and recyclers are the most common types. Straight tubes produce dense smoke that clears quickly. Beaker bongs produce more volume and less dense smoke, making them more difficult to clear but producing larger rips. If you want to learn more about the differences between beaker bongs and straight tubes, check out our guide. Recyclers are primarily used to recycle water from smoking mixtures. We would use a straight pipe or a beaker bong as a newbie.

Bong Sizes Matters

The size of bongs is crucial when considering buying one. The cannabis industry is so flooded with different types of bongs these days that it can be puzzling and even annoying to sort out what is and isn’t necessary for a bong.

The reality is that everyone has a more excellent opinion about the bong size they require to fit their daily lifestyle. Perhaps you’re always in a hurry and need some small, like compact bongs, or maybe you’re a lazy slob, in which case an enormous bong would be better. In any case, there is always something available for everyone, and that is the primary goal of our guide: to assist you in selecting the best bong for you.

Check The Glass Thickness Of Your Bong

The thickness of the glass is critical because it determines how long your bong will last. The chunkier, the better, but also think about the setting in which the bong will be used. Don’t be concerned about thickness if it is safe and only used in one space. If you intend to carry this everywhere or have amateurish friends, get the coarsest glass possible. The leanest glass is 2-3mm thick, and the mean thickness is 3-5mm. The glass, 5-7mm thick, is relatively dense and challenging to break.

How To Choose The Right Glass Bong?

Glass bongs represent the most common type of bong material on the market because they offer the purest and unadulterated tasting hits. Over 90% of glass dabs are made of borosilicate glass. This kind of glass is more tolerant of thermal shock and temp fluctuations, making it ideal for durability. What distinguishes glass bong hits from other materials is their capacity to be entirely versatile. This allows for adding innovative features such as different water compartments, ash catchers, downtimes, immersion blenders, and some that come with an aqua guard.