Tips for the basketball player: The pass

Tips for the basketball player: The pass

To begin, the teaching of the pass, in some cases, is carried out in the wrong way. It makes no sense for players to learn to pass two hands from chest height. How many passes like this will they do during a match? Very few or none, because whenever they have a rival in front they will not be able to execute that action, since the ball is not going to cross the rival.Therefore, the solution of the players to overcome this situation is to give a pumped pass, which becomes a very sweet candy for the defense, which has many options to intercept it or, at least, hinder its reception. The first advice we can give you is not to give pumped passes, but for this, you have to offer them other options because it is the only resource they have at that time.Visit this site to read articles on Sports.

Be careful about all the aspects

To achieve win at a basketball game, the players not only have to master the pass but also other, very related aspects, such as feints or pivots. We do not realize, but many times the problem of giving a bad pass is that the player with the ball, stops bouncing near the band line with his back to the basket, so several options are closed when passing. If we get that, once it stops bouncing, it can pivot to see more field, we are already giving the player a greater range of possibilities.Click here to read articles on Sports.

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The feints

Another important thing are the feints. It is a very good option, since, based on feints, we react to the defender, moving his arms and being able to find a hole where to pass the ball. Being able to use both feints and pivots at the same time to achieve greater effectiveness.

Before throwing

In order not to have so many problems when passing and not facilitating the defense, it is best that before throwing the ball to the ground, the attacker raises his head to see if he has a clear pass and, in case he is already dribbling , try not to catch the ball to pass, as it can take a good pass after boat or move to improve the passing angle. Something very important, that players have to be clear, since it is not worth giving the pass from anywhere.

Players who want to practice on their own can do so very easily with a ball and a wall. Setting a goal in it and trying to always give it through passes to one hand, after boat, both chest and chopped. They can go more complicated by separating from the wall.